Monday, June 7, 2010

When Blenders Attack!

I wanted to call this post "When Blenders Attack My Husband's Cooking Utensils!", but finally decided like it sounded like a bad comeback attempt by Bryan Adams, so I went with the condensed title. A good alternate would have been, "It all started at Wal-Mart." Either way, the story is the same.

It all started at Wal-Mart. (I know I already said that, but it did.) My niece and I took a quick trip to buy generic Oreos and ice cream so I could make milk shakes for a special treat. We ended up buying fake Oreos with chocolate frosting, chocolate ice cream, and caramel topping. It was only after we returned home that I realized that I was wearing a shirt that said, "A balanced diet is a piece of chocolate in each hand." Fitting.

As I started making ├╝ber-chocolate caramel milk shakes, I searched for the little plastic pokey tool (that's the technical term) that pushes the food down into the blades of the blender, but to no avail. (It's hiding in a cupboard, not the drawer.). Instead, I settled on a rubber spatula. All was going along smoothly until I came across one lone chunk of ice cream that would not be blended. In an attempt to make a creamy milk shake, I pushed the ice cream down into the blades of the blender.

Let me insert here that I am thankful that my husband bought the nice blender. Sharp blades. Optional drink dispensing spout. Pokey tool. It's a high quality piece of kitchen gadgetry. This fact was also the downfall of milk shake attempt #1.

As I pushed the ice cream down, I misjudged the distance and also pushed the spatula into the blades. The sharp blades grabbed that rubber spatula like a mother grizzly protecting her cubs! Imagine my surprise as I pulled up a half shredded rubber spatula. For several seconds I actually debated in my head whether I should dump it, or keep it as my own to avoid wasting enough milk shake for an adult and three kids. In the end, I figured I'd better go with my logical self and dump it all. It was a very sad occasion watching the chocolatey fake-oreo stream running down the drain. I definitely had second thoughts while washing the sweet treat out of the sink and blender.

Takes two and three were executed with more care and turned out delicious. Now I just have to decide what to do with the thoroughly gnawed up spatula.

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birdeeb said...

Hang up the spatula in your kitchen as "What NOT to do in the kitchen..." LOL! Actually I made a chocolate cheesecake with friends in high school and I took a wooden spoon and was poking down the sides and the beater caught the spoon and splintered the spoon into many shards of wood into the chocolatey goodness! We were devastated! I laughed at what you put about it grabbing on like a mother bear protecting her cubs LOL!

iggy said...

Good reason why NOT to use you hand to push things in a blender...

Oh... are you familiar with this site?

Dawn said...
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Dawn said...

LOL!!! You've got me remembering when I did the very same thing, with a wooden spoon! My big kids STILL remember the day I made milkshakes with wooden chunks floating in them. Ah yes, memories.... :)

If I were you I'd link this up at the Friday Fail Linky this Friday. LOL!!

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