Friday, September 10, 2010

Featured Friday: Love Letters Jewelry

This little box came in my mail today.

My own personal Love Letter
I come across people of all sorts on Twitter, and while I'm nearly a hermit in real life, I love socializing on the internet. Of course, I'm drawn to people with interests similar to mine. One of my favorite aspects of Twitter is meeting people who are creative and crafty, people who take pride in making things for others to enjoy. That is what led me to Erin Lowden, or @lovelettersFW.

Erin has a full-time job away from home, but when her husband, Chris, was laid off, she decided to turn her hobby into a home business. She opened Love Letters in April, and loves it so much that she would like to be able to be a full-time work at home mom. (Her son, Jonathan is adorable. I can see why she would want to be home with him!)

Love Letters Jewelry is high quality, personalized, hand stamped jewelry. She makes necklaces, bracelets, baby bracelets, bookmarks, key chains, pets tags, and even dog tags and golf ball markers for the menfolk!

For man's best friend . . .
For Mom or Grandma . . .
For the bride . . .
Erin's products are great gifts for birthdays, weddings, holidays, new parents, graduation, and the list goes on. She has charms for nearly anything you can think of. If your kid makes the bobsled team or your wife is an RN, Love Letters Jewelry has you covered! If you're like me and you can't make up your mind, you can always go with a Love Letters gift certificate.

When you fall in love with Love Letters Jewelry like I have, you can sign up for the newsletter, check the calendar for upcoming events, and you can even host parties (locally in Fort Wayne or on a website set up just for you)!

You can check out Love Letters Jewelry on the web at , on facebook , and @lovelettersFW on Twitter.

Check back tomorrow for a special Love Letters Jewelry Super Saturday Giveaway!

Disclaimer: The keychain shown above was provided to me for free to review. I was not required to write a positive review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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