Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Challenge

I swore to myself that I wouldn't focus on my actual weight/weight loss this year because I am so afraid of failure in this area. However, my good friend, Tye, approached me with a challenge, a Biggest Loser of sorts, that he and some of his friends are running over the next six months. I know I need to get the weight off, so I agreed to play along with them. I don't like losing, so I suppose I should get serious, tomorrow. Anywhooo, I added a ticker at the bottom of this blog to keep track of my weight loss. I will try to update it each Wednesday when I weigh in for the challenge, and I hope to see my little flower inching forward soon. Also, I think this is a good opportunity to start training for the Komen Tri for the Cure this summer in Denver. I was supposed to participate last summer, but never managed to talk myself into training... Yeah. So feel free to check in here, catch me on twitter (@cassie_d_ape), or friend me on facebook. Let the games begin!

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Anonymous said...

I'm cheering for you! :)

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