Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Revision of Resolutions?

I know we are only three days into the new year, but I have put a lot of thought into the New Year's Resolution I made. You know, the get girly one. Since I made it and went public with it, I've started to wonder if it is just silly. Should I be working on more important things instead? Is this a selfish act and not a resolution at all? I can think of so many other things I need to work on. Maybe I should have chosen being a better housewife. My domestic skills leave a lot to be desired, and that would bless my whole family. Maybe I should be watching less TV, or spending an hour a day in the gym. Volunteering at the animal shelter? Or in my kids' classrooms? Did I make the right choice? Should I stick with this, or choose something more life-altering? I wanna know what you think.

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Llama's Mmama <>< said...

You know, I think as long as the goal of all this is to become more in touch with the femininity God has placed inside of you, then go for it! Be clear in your head about WHAT you're doing all this for, and refuse to become obsessed! There's nothing wrong with celebrating the way we are designed, and trying to discover what all that means. Just don't allow "it" to take over and squeeze the LIFE out of you! =)

hookingstitches said...

It's my opinion that the better we feel about ourselves = the better we feel about others, the better we treat others, the better we take care of our belongings, the better we encourage the world around us. The root of all good is knowing and embracing how very much God loves us. We are called to reflect His love...we can't do that unless we realize it for ourselves first. xoxo

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