Sunday, January 3, 2010

Super Soft Pigs and Fingernails: Take 2

As you know, I'm working on softening myself up, being a little more feminine, feeling more like a woman. My first step was growing out and painting my nails. While the growing part went fine, the fingernail painting was a disaster that made me want to quit the whole woman thing and eat a burrito. I have decided that I will keep going, knowing that this is an area I need to really work on, and will run with just a clear nail strengthener right now in the hopes of keeping my nails and my sanity. I will be keeping the Iced Merlot on my toenails though, as they turned out nicely.

Today's task was to make my feet softer and more girly, and I have to ask a question here. Do people really go through all of this? I bought this lovely little tool, the Dr. Scholl's For Her Smooth My Sole micro file. (Fun fact: You can use your medical flexible spending/cafeteria account to buy this product.) Who knew that it was going to be a small cheese grater and a piece of sandpaper cutesied up in pink???

First you are supposed to grate the dry skin off your feet, and then sandpaper them to a shiny gloss. This seemed wrong to me, but it's a new year, so I tried it anyway. What do you know? The thing works! After grating, sanding, and glossing I added a layer of ultra smoothing lotion and a pair of fuzzy socks. Now, I hate lotion being on me, but again, new year, girly me, gonna try it.

In retrospect, I probably should have done the soft feet step first, and then the nail polishing, but I didn't and the polish survived. It's a case of living and learning, and the next time I will know how a real lady would do it.

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