Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I'd like to lodge a complaint...

I realized today, after an extremely emotionally exhausting Monday, that I complain some.  Okay, okay.  I complain a lot.  About big things.  About small things.  About most things.  I complain about people who complain.  And about people who don't.  And about their dogs.  I spend my day listing all the bad things in my life (or your life, or his life) and a lot of times I completely miss the good things.  The blessings.  The love.  Instead of smiling when one of my kids wants to sit on my lap, I get annoyed because the other three don't.  Instead of being thankful for my husband's job that provides enough that I can stay home, I let myself feel overwhelmed by my "duties" as a homemaker.  I'm getting a little tired of feeling like crap all. the. time.  And I hate that it's me making me feel that way.

In the hopes of salvaging the rest of this week, I'm going to give you a list of just a few things that I really am thankful for.  The things and people who make me smile on a daily basis.  The things I want to focus on from here on out.

  • My family.  The real family I have chosen for myself, from my husband on down to the friends I haven't met, but still love like family.  The people who love me, accept me, and support me, even when I complain.  You know who you are, so I won't name names.
  • My home.  It may be a mess, but it's safe and warm and big enough for my family.
  • My kids.  These guys deserve their own category.  I can't imagine my life without the little munchkins all up in my face all day.  It just wouldn't be right.
  • My new house.  It's a new adventure, just waiting for us to climb aboard!
  • My God.  Today is proof that I need the grace He offers, and don't deserve a thing.  How can I only see bad when His plan is so good?
Most of all, tonight I am thankful that I will have tomorrow to try this all again.  I can make better decisions.  I will use softer words.  My smile will appear more often than my frown.  And if I don't, feel free to complain.  :)

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