Friday, December 10, 2010

You Look Like You Could Use Some Chaos!

I think everyone should have a little chaos in their day.  I don't mean the kind that makes you hide in the bathroom, or that you find at Wal-Mart any Saturday in December.  I'm talking about the Chaotic Craftiness you get from "four kids, three cups of coffee, two sewing machines, one hubby, and zero sleep", better known as Lisa from Chaos Appreciation.

My beautiful card holder

Just as her headline says, she's a momma to four kids, and she's very crafty.  A few months ago, Lisa started selling her fun and useful products in an Artfire shop.  (You'll be really happy she did because you're going to get a chance to win something from her!)  When she asked if I'd like to write a review of one of her products, I jumped on the opportunity.  Imagine how excited I was when I received not one, but two business card holders from her.  There was a fun, feminine one for me, and a manly denim one for my husband. 
The current contents of my
business card holder
Now, my husband has his business card holder packed full of, well, business cards.  I don't have business cards, so I packed mine full of the cards I keep with me at all times.  Take a look at the picture.  It currently holds my debit card, driver's license, PetSmart card, Subway card, Flex Spending card, insurance card, and a Famous Footwear discount card.  Though you'd think this would pack it tight, I know it will hold more.  That's right.  I used to have even more stuffed into this little card holder.  Trust me when I say that they're well worth the $8 she sells them for in her shop.  Plus, she has lots of fabrics to choose from!

These bibs can be personalized!

Now the kids can take their crayons
along without the hassle.

If business cards aren't your thing, how about bibs?  Or tissue cases?  Pacifier clips?  Maybe an apron?  Lisa has a lot of great items in her store.  They are all handmade, and they'd make great Christmas gifts.  And the best part?  I'm giving a lucky winner a $10 gift certificate to Chaotic CraftinessAll you have to do is leave a comment on this post telling me what you'd buy if you won the gift certificate.  Besure to include your email address or twitter name so I know how to contact you!  Each person gets one entry, so make it good!  (To leave a comment, click on the number to the left of this posts' title.)  Sounds easy, right?  THAT'S BECAUSE IT IS! 

Now, go on.  Go check out her wares, leave me a comment, and early next week I will randomly choose a winner.

*Disclaimer: I do not receive monetary compensation for my blog. I do receive a sample product free of charge for evaluation. I was not required to give a positive review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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Lisa said...

I'd pick the Aqua Green Cotton Print Business Card Holder. I love the fabric.

a girl said...

I'd pick the owl print business card holder - so cute!!

cassielovespj said...

Those are both good choices! Lisa does such a great job, and has so many fun fabrics.

Jennifer said...

I like the crayon holder! Doesn't even matter what fabric---to me, anyway. The girls might say differently!

Jennifer said...

Please don't hate me for leaving an extra comment. I'm really not trying to get an extra entry! I really like the crayon holder but can't find it in the shop!

I guess I'd like a business card holder like yours, then. (Sigh.)

cassielovespj said...

Don't be sad, Jennifer! All you have to do is send her an email on her artfire site, or get in touch with her on Twitter. She's @TaderDoodles and she'd be happy to make you a crayon roll! :0)

Jennifer said...

Oh, so SHE'S @TaderDoodles! Cool! (Yes, finally making some connections. . . .) Thanks!

Lisa said...

Hey y'all, I don't need an entry just wanted to let everyone know, a lot of my stuff isn't showing because before I could officially list it it was sold, or it was requested. I didn't start out to make totes and aprons, I was asked if I could do it and I did. Jennifer, you can pick a crayon roll :) and if there is something else you'd like to have but don't see it just ask! (I make cute pin cushions and coffee mug warmers too!)

Thanks so much for checking out the shop and participating in Cassie's giveaway!

Carolyn said...

I love the business card holder and I could really use one now that I've booked a whole slew of conferences for 2011.

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