Tuesday, April 20, 2010

15 Reasons I Won't Miss Apartment Living #13

Do you know what I miss the most?  My books. Some people have a few books. Some even have several books.  I, however, have a library.  Before I had a brood, I was a bookstore manager, and I took FULL advantage of my employee discount.  The downside of this is that we haven't lived anywhere in the last four years that was big enough to actually display my books.  When we move into the new house, they will have been moved four times, but never unpacked.  Apartments seem to have just enough space for the people and the essentials, and if you have anything extra (clothes, for example), you're SOL, as my mom would say. 

Don't get me wrong.  We do have a storage area (a closet) on our deck.  It has just enough square footage to house my boxed-up library.  That's why, if you look around inside, you'll see stuff stacked, crammed, hidden in any tiny available space.  It probably wouldn't be an issue if we had enough cupboards.  Or counter space.  Or another closet.  A garage maybe?

In celebration of finally being able to loose the library in the new house, I'm buying new shelves.  Take that, apartment, and shove it in your tiny little storage closet!

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