Thursday, April 29, 2010

15 Reasons I Won't Miss Apartment Living #4

I have four kids between the ages of two and ten.  Each one of them is a little ball of energy and fire that needs to be released, preferably not inside.  Luckily this apartment complex has a great playground in the middle.  The only problem is this: There are so many kids who live here that never have ANY supervision that I can't let my kids go play at the playground unless I go along.  (Let me clarify something.  The 2 year old does not go anywhere without an adult.)  When we first moved in, I would let the three big kids go over to play.  I gave the oldest a watch, and they had to stay together, not talk to strangers, not go into any apartment but ours, and check in every 15 minutes.  After a few complaints from my kids about bullies and foul language, I started going down there with them.  I NEVER saw another parent at the playground.  The kids were fighting, bullying, and two boys the same age as my oldest had the dirtiest vocabulary I have ever heard.  They say things I would be mortified to hear my husband say, much less my nine year old son. 

In short, I can't even allow my kids to play outside so I can get a little housework done.  I have to go along with them and regulate behaviors so they can play in a fun, safe environment.  I'm feared by most, and hated by all, but the kids know when I am there to be respectful because I know where they all live, and I'm not afraid to go talk to their parents.  I look forward to having our own fenced in yard where our kids can play and run and not have to worry.  Until then, I will stand up and be the b!+c# of the playground.

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mamajade said...

Yay for kids being outside!

Peggy Sue Brister said...

Glad yoou got your blog fixed. Try a different template. It may have been bad code in that particular template. Try again.

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