Saturday, April 24, 2010

15 Reasons I Won't Miss Apartment Living #9

At the beginning of every month, someone delivers a little apartment complex newsletter to our door.  In fact, they put it directly into our apartment.  It's a task easily performed without having to open the door.  Whoever built these apartments was really thinking.  To make newsletter delivery easy and save some money, they skipped the weatherstripping around the door!  That's right.  You can easily slip two pieces of paper folded in half through between the door and the frame.  What a great idea.  After all, it's not like we live in a state where extreme temperatures are the norm...

Also, with the first cold snap each fall, the caulking around all of the bedroom windows cracks away and exposes an open hole to the outside world.  I hope the owners did something great with the money they saved in construction costs, like found a cure for AIDS, or cleaned up Africa's drinking water.

Along with our "Luxury living at affordable prices," we get the smallest, cheapest appliances on the market, the least expensive carpet available in bulk, and only one entrance/exit in the parking lot.  I hope there is never a reason for everyone to evacuate at the same time because many of us would be stuck.

In short, if you are planning to build anything that you want to advertise as "luxury," cutting corners is not the way to get it done.  People will not be happy paying high prices for shoddy workmanship.  Trust me.

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